• I live in New Hampshire

  • I’m married to Trish, father to Chloe, Noah, and Olivia

  • I founded Mainstay Technologies and am CEO today

  • I am leading a nonprofit startup called the Vervaeke Foundation, focused on making the transformative way of wisdom widely accessible

How I spend my work time:


Strategy, culture, and leadership for Mainstay Technologies and Vervaeke Foundation


Bringing strategic thinking and scaling optimization to transformative thought leaders


Developing philosophy of business that aligns our work to what is true, good, and beautiful


  • I was homeschooled (through all grades)

  • I started various business ventures part-time as a teenager (a moving company, website design, PC repair, a recording studio) and the business that became Mainstay at 20

  • I have always seen business as a powerful way of serving others

  • For years, I also saw business success as a way to make me feel freedom from insecurities, stress, and loneliness. If I just had enough money, enough esteem, enough things that build my identity… then I could rest.

  • I painfully learned that “the only journey is the one within” (poet Rainer Maria Rilke).

  • As I entered transformative therapy, received wonderful coaching, married a deeply loving woman, encountered ancient philosophy, and learned wisdom practices, I found the path to belonging, to peace, to Being

  • This has helped me set business in its right place, as well as introducing me to powerful critiques of our current capitalist structure

  • I seek to bring virtuous organizational competence to the growing movement that is attempting to answer the Meaning Crisis, as described by John Vervaeke

My goal for this site

  • Connect with others who see work and business as much more than making money

  • Begin to articulate an actionable philosophy of business that gives language to all of us who believe in doing good, for its own sake, and that money is to help with genuine flourishing, and we must never sacrifice what is truly good for the sake of money

  • Share with anyone who is encouraged and helped by this

  • Refine and build the concepts and language

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“Work is love made visible.”

-Khalil Gibran